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Technical Training

The Technical Training service is reserved for companies that want to improve their internal activities especially in the areas of regulatory affairs, quality and production. In addition to this, also to the sales force that needs to acquire technical knowledge of the products it markets.

The context in which to provide technical training

Within a company, one often encounters the difficulty of finding collaborators already trained in those activities that are preparatory to the proper functioning of the company’s actions, and it becomes necessary to rely on a professional who is able to deliver professional technical training.

Employees often come from other sectors and are therefore poorly trained in the practices and operating methods within a production context

Ongoing technical training

For this reason, it makes sense to pair employees both initially and on a regular basis with trainers who can point them in the right direction and enable their professional development geared to the type of business in which they apply their skills.

Technical training in the world of special foods

A production environment inherent to special foods is in many ways closer to the pharmaceutical world than to the food world, so training of production personnel is very important and greatly accelerates the start-up of operations by minimizing hiccups.

Training the sales force

At the same time, the sales force has a continuous need for technical-scientific product updates, since the technical-scientific information acquired is the basis on which the salesperson/informer places his or her leverage.

Technical training service

If you would like to use my technical training service to educate your employees in the production areas, in the Quality departments, in the Regulatory Affairs departments, in your sales force, please contact me via the form on this page, or write to me at info(@)