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Technical consultancy on Quality involves writing and codifying S.O.P. (Standard Operations Procedures), assessing prerequisites (PRP) and developing the G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) system.

Quality in the company

Quality in a manufacturing or commercial company can be declined in a myriad of factors that combine to create the conditions for a product or service to be rendered to the consumer at the highest level of its intrinsic characteristics.

The model of processes and practices useful to consolidate the quality characteristics of a product is subject to careful planning of internal activities and constant vigilance and refinement over time.

Quality in the world of special foods and nutraceuticals

As far as my world of specialty foods and nutraceuticals is concerned, these processes are codified by international bodies that outline the guidelines.

Quality: the guidelines

States use the guidelines codified by international bodies and make them their own in order to standardise quality processes within their territories.

Codex Alimentarius

The first and most important of these is the Codex Alimentarius, a collection of standards, guidelines and codes of conduct adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

The FAO and WHO Quality Commission

The Commission, also known as the CAC, is the central part of the joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Program and was established by FAO and WHO to protect consumer health and promote fair practices in food trade.

The HACCP model

Another important step taken towards quality and safety was the creation by NASA and the subsequent adoption by states of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) model, adopted in Italy through Legislative Decree 155/97 and later trying to match the intentions of European states through EC Regulation 852/2004.

The voluntary quality guidelines

In addition to these instruments of a public and compulsory nature, there are also optional guidelines that mark a step towards more complete consumer safety and business efficiency.

These are the UNI EN ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, i.e. more articulated, stringent and complete standards that impose a very important document system that guarantees a standardization of the processes and procedures through which companies operate. The aim is to enable the achievement of a system that self-defends and reorganizes itself in the event of failure of the objective, which is always quality.

Technical Quality Consulting Service

The main actions leading to the realization of a well-organized system are based on the prerequisites (PRP), which are all those preliminary operations that start with a careful analysis of the shape, construction and division of the premises and go all the way down to the training of personnel and the correct organization of production cycles.

In particular, I deal with these aspects, i.e. the setting up of PRPs in order to create the basic conditions for the correct implementation of quality systems. If you would like to use my consultancy service, get in touch with me via the form on this page, or write to me at info(@)