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Food or Cosmetic Raw Materials Production Consultancy

Consultancy on the production of Food or Cosmetic Raw Materials can help your company solve certain issues of both a scientific and regulatory (legal) nature.

This type of consultancy covers different aspects ranging from the selection of medicinal plants to be cultivated to their transformation into extracts of various kinds, such as:

  • Juices
  • Fluid Extracts
  • Glycerol Extracts
  • Dry Extracts (Drying, Spray Drying, Freeze-Drying)
  • Herbal Tea Cutting
  • Powders
  • Distillations

Each of the above extracts involves some key technical steps and suitable equipment that must be defined before starting the production processes.

Each type of extract has its own specific use according to the sector it is intended for:

  • Liquorish
  • Nutraceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Food

The legal aspects

Also not to be underestimated are the legal (regulatory) aspects that underlie the placing on the market of these products, which must have characteristics such that they are aligned with the reference legislation of the specific sector.

Production of technical and safety data sheets

The production of datasheets and safety data sheets is an important part of the process and must be carried out before the products under consideration are placed on the market.

These sheets bring together all the information that those who will use your products must retain in order to demonstrate to the relevant authorities that the raw materials comply with the relevant regulations.

Consulting service on the production of food or cosmetic raw materials

If you wish to use my consultancy service to solve a production problem in the field of food or cosmetic raw materials or to create technical or safety sheets aligned with the regulations in force, please contact me through the form on this page, or write to me at info(@)