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Nutraceuticals Startup Technical Consultancy

One of the most important elements of my professional development has certainly been that of the start-ups of production and non-production companies.

Startups that set out to produce nutraceuticals or cosmetics have far more complex initial difficulties in the development phase than those that set out to have their products produced for third parties.

However, even in this second hypothesis nothing is to be left to chance, because the pitfalls are many and the regulations to be referred to could sometimes slow down if not block the most optimistic expectations of those who are about to embark without a precise compass on the difficult navigation in the sea of these businesses.

Some elements to consider when starting a production plant

If you wish to start a factory that produces for you and/or for a third party (CDMO), you must bear in mind that there are many aspects to consider such as:

  • the choice of the production site
  • the layout of the premises
  • the building materials
  • staff training
  • bureaucracy
  • water supply
  • waste management
  • choice of machinery
  • production cycles
  • the policies and processes underlying quality
  • the organization of the in-house laboratory
  • formulations
  • formulations.

These are just some of the aspects to take into account when embarking on what could be a real enterprise.

Outsourcing production

Of course, if you decide to have your products produced by third parties, the volume of bureaucracy is reduced and you can concentrate more on sales. Even in this case, however, there are many things to be done and depending on your sales channel, you should know how best to organize yourself.

Even in this case, there will be many tasks, including the choice of a subcontractor, formulations, HACCP if you have a nutraceutical warehouse or traceability, coding and notification of labels, obtaining barcodes, not to mention the correct drafting of the company object.

Consultancy service for food or cosmetics startup

If you wish to use my consultancy service in relation to the start-up of your start-up, get in touch with me through the form on this page, or write to me at info(@)