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Nutraceutical formulations and product development

Nutraceutical formulations are those stages of product development that are concerned with putting together a series of nutritional components in a form suitable for administration, thus enabling the desired action to take place.
The formulation study is able to improve the characteristics of the product by modulating its physiological effects and bioavailability.

Examples of nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals encompasses a vast area of application, and under this heading we can find the most diverse preparations: herbal products, for sportsmen, for dietary supplementation, preparations for special medical purposes, fortified foods, bars and more.

Forms of administration of nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals belong to the nutrition area and for that reason are subject to all the regulations and laws operating in that sector.
Its forms of administration are very close to the pharmaceutical world; in fact, among the forms most commonly found on the market:

  • capsules;
  • tablets;
  • sachets;
  • vials;
  • jars of powders to be dissolved in liquids;
  • flarger liquid forms.

When designing a nutraceutical form, care must be taken to select the right raw materials, and that these interacting with each other do not create problems during the shelf-life period.

The raw materials must then be used within the limits imposed by law, not using substances that could be considered unauthorized Novel Foods, and whatever else is needed to make our product free of health risks and in line with national and European legislation.

Excipients in nutraceutical formulations

An important part of a product’s formulation is also that relating to excipients, i.e. those substances that are not directly involved in the physiological effect of the product but which enhance or make possible the achievement of the desired nutraceutical form.

  1. stabilizers, making it possible to protect the active ingredient from oxidation or negative interaction with certain heavy metal ions by chelating the latter;
  2. diluents, making it possible to have a mass of such volume and characteristics as to allow it to be processed in industrial compressing and encapsulating machines and ensuring homogeneity of distribution of the active ingredient in the individual doses;
  3. binders, favoring adequate adhesion of powders when a granulation process is required;
  4. lubricants, allowing good smoothness inside the mechanical parts of industrial equipment capable of processing tens of thousands of units of doses/hour;
  5. disintegrating agents, ensuring dispersion of the product within the gastrointestinal tract as a prerequisite for the subsequent absorption phas;
  6. sweetening, flavoring and coloring excipients improve and enhance the acceptability of the product to the patient, a prerequisite for better compliance by our potential customer.

Consulting on the formulation of a new product is one of the possibilities we offer, and the reformulation of existing products through the evaluation of its characteristics is the basis for the improvement of health or formulation or compliance qualities we may achieve.

Nutraceutical formulation consultancy service

If you would like to use my consultancy service to formulate a new product or reformulate an existing product, please contact me via the form on this page, or email me at info(@)