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Production machinery for nutraceuticals

Consultancy on production machinery for nutraceuticals, cosmetics and food is based on the selection of the best tools for the company in terms of quality and quantity. Setting up these machines is sometimes difficult and an initial training phase is needed.

The machinery used in the production of nutraceutical forms is quite similar to that used in the pharmaceutical industry. The construction methods are suitable for maintaining functionality, performance and cleanliness at a very high level.

The market offers various solutions, but everything must be selected according to production forecasts and the type of direction the company intends to take. The indications vary depending on whether the company is a CDMO or a company that produces for others or whether the company is dedicated to its own production or has a mixed cycle.

This type of machine is powered by compressed air and therefore the equipment must also be proportionate to the expected demand.

Examples of main machines for nutraceuticals

The main machines used in the nutraceutical field are:

  • Tablets Press Machine and Capsule Filling Machine, usually the most suitable and performing are of the rotary type.
  • Mixers for powders, there are different types according to requirements.
  • Mixers for liquids with and without heating jacket.
  • Granulators (e.g. create granules from powders unsuitable for compression).
  • Blister machines
  • Pill fillers.
  • Machinery for obtaining soft gels.
  • Machines for obtaining Gummies.
  • Bagging machines.
  • Machines for Stick Packs for powders or liquids.
  • Filling machines for powders or liquids of various volumes.
  • Cardboard machines.

The choice of supplier is important because it can greatly limit expenses and delivery times that can reach many months.

Consultancy service on manufacturing machinery for nutraceuticals

If you would like to use my consultancy service to choose the most suitable machinery for your needs and your production cycle in the nutraceutical, cosmetic or food industry, please contact me via the form on this page, or write to me at info(@)