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Audit: production or management process evaluation

Audits are tools for evaluating and controlling a production or management process in order to understand whether this process is carried out with the right care and/or accurately follows pre-set patterns or could be improved.

In daily practice, in fact, there is a trend to deviate from the original assumptions for many reasons: haste, errors, incorrect interpretation of SOPs (standard procedures), or the SOPs are poorly written or poorly explained to those who have to apply them.

The sum total of these deviations causes a misalignment of quality policies over time, which can lead to errors that will one day result in penalties for the company or, worse, withdrawal of the product from the market for non-conformity of any kind.

Technical consulting service

I offer a technical consultancy service for the evaluation, drafting and management of GMP food supplements, GMP cosmetics and HACCP systems for food and cosmetics including PRP.

I can take care of the evaluation of your production or management process and check whether your supplier has everything in place to avoid putting you in serious difficulties.

You can get in touch with me via the form on this page, or you can email me at info(@)